C-a-C: A tale of two Thunderers’ post-exhibition internal monologues

Ball Don't Lie

Kevin Durant's brain's voice: "Man, check out all those satisfied Oklahoman Citians leaving the arena happy after watching us joyfully play basketball for their entertainment and to benefit a worthwhile charity. My heart swells every time they smile. Sure, this lockout has been difficult on us, but that's nothing compared to how much it's hurt true basketball diehards like these fine folks. My heart sinks every time they frown.

"We've got a responsibility to rise above petty internecine industrial squabbles and provide not only spectacle, but also spiritual sustenance for these hardwood devotees. Earning back the trust of spurned fans won't be easy, but whatever it takes, I'll do it. I promise to never forget why I'm playing and who I'm really playing for. My heart beats at a lower rate than the average human being, because I am a very well-conditioned athlete. Shucks radiant smile patriotism hugs."

James Harden's brain's voice: "our face is so hot so hot my god why can't i make you shave and what is on top of me it feels like a hot trapezoid c'mon everything is so hot are we sick"

Best caption wins some great advice about writing a character's internal monologue, which I obviously have not taken. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! Nothing, not even championships, makes Kobe Bryant happier than the didgeridoo. Just like the rest of us.


Winner, Michael Sardone: "Italian-Made @#$% Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag, Baby," by Kobe "Danger" Bryant.

Runner-up, Magic32: "If I painted the Mona Lisa, she would have this face."

Second runner-up, Beau: "Stevie Wonder and I are doing an album together called 'Lockout Vuvuzela.' It goes something like this ..."

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