C-a-C: Stephen Jackson can’t believe anyone would pick ‘Friends’ over ‘The Golden Girls’

Listen, Stephen Jackson — I know you're passionate about scripted television, and especially sitcoms. But the way you're bringing this "Sitcom Smackdown" thing to the office is kind of unsettling. I mean, the more time you spend arguing with referee Josh Tiven about the relative merits of Monica Geller vs. Blanche Devereaux, the less time you have to throw completely unnecessary spin passes, which seems like a bad way to spend your time, if you're Stephen Jackson. So knock it off already, huh?

(... for what it's worth, I'd take most of "The Golden Girls" over the last few seasons of "Friends," but not the first couple, which I remember liking quite a bit, but hey, that's just me, and I'm not trying to disagree with you too much, Stephen Jackson, because you are, after all, Stephen Jackson.)

Best caption wins hearty thanks for your friendship and confidence. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Jarrett Jack wants to sink to the bottom (of his short-sleeved jersey) with you. (Also, is it just me, or when Jarrett Jack covers his mouth, is there something kind of Wilbon-ian about his appearance?)

Winner, Isaac M: "New York's hottest club is: Crease."

Runner-up, Charles River: Cover your mouth if LeBron James traveled and the refs didn't call it.

Second runner-up, Kevinm: "This is embarrassing. We're wearing a yellow T-shirt with the Indiana Pacers' shorts."

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