C-a-C: It stands for 'Frequent Initiator of Tradedemands'

I was going to guess "Fairly into Taquerias," but hey, it's your shirt, Carmelo Anthony(notes). You'd know best what the letters stand for.

Best caption wins some delicious, delicious tacos that you make/purchase yourself, because I've got like nine inches of snow around me and am not about to head out to the store for sour cream until, at the very least, the plows come through. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Michael Jordan bends Stephen Jackson's ear.

Winner, indeedproceed: Michael Jordan: "... so she turns to the crowd, covered in bacon grease, snot leakin' outta her nose, the sparklers still in her ears, and says, 'The Aristocats!'"

Stephen Jackson(notes): "..."

Jordan: "Get it? 'The Aristocats!'"

Jackson: "Yeah, I get it."

Runner-up, Antonio Banderas: Jordan: "Why aren't you swooning? Are you swooning yet?"

Second runner-up, Mark M.: Jordan: "... and then I made fun of my kids. I'm telling you, it was the greatest Hall of Fame speech ever."

Jackson: "That's [bleep]ed up."

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