C-a-C: Shane Battier loves his new invisible keyboard

I've been trying to find someone who'd want to be Dizzy Reed in my circa-"Use Your Illusion" Guns 'n' Roses air band for MONTHS. Welcome aboard, Shane Battier. I think you'll fit in just fine.

Best caption wins the greatest gift a man can give: the "Estranged" video. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Keith Bogans is a dancing, dancing, dancing — he's a dancing machine.


Winner, The Football God: Lacking the skills to intimidate his opponents, Keith Bogans breaks out his "Elway teethes."

NOTE: The editor in me wanted to change it to "teeth," but the 9-year-old in my brain finds "teethes" funnier. Well done, Football God, as per usual.

Runner-up, Chris: "How does Paul Pierce always make his shots with this shooting form?"

Second runner-up, Perron: Bogans invents his own Bluth family chicken dance — one part Gob and two parts George Sr.

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