C-a-C: Quentin Richardson experiences guided meditation

Go ahead, Quentin Richardson. Find a comfortable position, whether sitting, lying down or resting your unbanded head on a basketball. Take notice of how you're feeling at this very moment, physically and mentally, about your place in Stan Van Gundy's rotation.

Now inhale deeply through your nose, then release the breath through your mouth — worry not about the taste of the basketball on your lips, as it is a natural outgrowth of your head resting on the ball. Inhale again, allowing the rhythm of your breathing to calm you as you exhale.

You are at peace with yourself, despite reduced minutes. You appreciate who you truly are and do not feel that you need to pretend to be someone you are not, like that phony Chris Duhon.

You value yourself and believe that all others have value, as well. You are ...

You're asleep, aren't you?

Oh, come on, man. I had some great stuff about being at one with the true healing offensive and defensive energies within all of us, and I was going to make fun of Chris Duhon some more, too. This bites.

Best caption wins a nice tall glass of Calm Down Juice. Good luck.

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Winner, Perron: "Don't worry, Lou. They aren't really ghosts. Heck, they aren't even really fans -- the team just gave everybody those white T-shirts."

Runner-up, Drew: "Lou, we're about to get run out of this gym, so I'm just letting all the guys know where the exits are."

Second runner-up, Me2u: "I can't believe I'm in such an uninteresting photo." NOTE: Well played, you bitter, beautiful buzzard.

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