C-a-C Past Lives: ‘Please don’t write on my shirt, Mr. Williams’

Gotta get back in time ... Welcome to another edition of Create-a-Caption Past Lives.

Please — my mom just got me this shirt. I'm going to be in soooooooo much trouble if I come home with marker on it. C'mon, Mr. Williams. Stop writing on me, please?

I don't even understand why you're doing this. This isn't an autograph signing. You just showed up at my school and made my class line up against the wall. We were doing fractions. I love fractions. This is the worst.

Ugh, now this says "ball out kid love Jason Williams" on it. I don't even like you. I like Lawrence Funderburke. Where is he? Can he write on my shirt? Who else did you bring?

Doug Christie? ... Crud.

Best caption wins enough Shout to get all that Sharpie out. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! Latrell Sprewell ain't gonna let your flying defense break-a his stride, Jason Terry.


Winner, FunmiT: Remember when the Force was strong with Latrell Sprewell?

Runner-up, Chris: "Goose, I'm gonna hit the brakes. He'll fly right by."

Second runner-up, John T: Jason Terry takes flight for the first time.

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