C-a-C Past Lives: Karl Malone with a bow and arrow — what could go wrong?

Gotta get back in time ... Welcome back, friends, to Create-a-Caption Past Lives. A little fuzzy on what it is we're doing here? Take a look at how we started to get some clarity, ya goof!

"Where's Barkley? WHERE'S BARKLEY?!?!?" — Karl Malone, probably.

Best caption wins some good archery tips, courtesy of Geena Davis, obviously. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! Tim Duncan tries to push away all the references to him looking "spry" that he'll receive as backhanded compliments in the future.

Winner, Perron: "It's actually a very common mistake, Mike. Most people put their hands out flat when pretending to be Superman, but he generally flies with closed fists, like this."


NOTE: If you're not still laughing at "Tim Duncan is a robot" jokes, then you need to go back to laughing school. Some things are just classics.

Second runner-up, The King: Tim Duncan shows Mike Callahan where LeBron's hairline started at during his rookie season.

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