C-a-C Past Lives: ‘Is that a hole in the fabric of space-time?’

Yes, Allen Iverson and Joey Crawford, it is. We have used BDL's proprietary Wormhole! technology (NOTE: the exclamation point is critical for branding; please be sure to use in all official discussions of the proprietary Wormhole! technology) to reach 10 years into the past in search of caption-friendly images. Provided everything goes well with this initial test run, we'll do this from time to time during the offseason when the photo well runs dry. It might not be the present, but the past is still a gift, friends. Deeeeeeeeep.

I wouldn't worry about the potential effects of us rending the very essence of the universe so that we can make jokes, though. Before we fired up the Wormhole!, you were coming off another calm, drama-free NBA title run, AI, and Joey was just running a comb through that luscious hair of his. It's unthinkable that we've irreparably affected anything; nothing can possibl-eye go wrong.

Best caption wins 1.21 gigawatts' worth of gimmickry. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Some men just want to watch the world burn. Jason Kidd is one of those men.


Winner, Moses: "Of course I'm evil! How else could I still be doing this at 38?!"

Runner-up, Pen Dragon: So that's what was in that briefcase in "Pulp Fiction."

Second runner-up, Vaffanculo: Legend has it if you rub it just right, "Kazaam 2" starts Friday at a theater near you.

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