C-a-C Past Lives: A friend in need is a friend of Sheed

No one's saying that getting ejected doesn't stink, Bonzi Wells. One second, you're running around and having a lot of fun giving the opponent the business; the next, ol' Grayshirt Johnny Law breaks out the boot and says you have to watch the rest of the game in the locker room all alone.

But you won't be alone for long. Soon, you'll have seven feet of bald-patch-sporting company. No member of the 2001 Portland Trail Blazers is going to get the gate by his lonesome. Not on Rasheed Wallace's watch.

Call 'em the Jail Blazers if you want. But these guys are doing the time of their lives.

Best caption wins Placebo plus "Final Fantasy," obviously. Good luck.

In our last adventure: INTO THE PAST! Call Kevin Garnett Funkdoobiest, because he's lost in thought.


Winner, Jones6: "To offend verbally or foul intentionally: That is the question."

Runner-up, Dkim5: "Hmmm. Which Euro should I pick on today?"

Second runner-up, JD: KG, deep in thought, considers a bold, virtually unprecedented move from large finger sleeves to extra-large.

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