C-a-C Past Lives: ‘Did this dude just did this?’

Ball Don't Lie

Gotta get back in time ... Welcome to another edition of Create-a-Caption Past Lives. Are you still somehow unaware of what the general idea behind these little forays into our collective basketball memory? Good news, Rip Van: Read Chapter 1 with your wakey-wakey juice and you'll get the hang of it super quick, I bet.

Yes, Dennis Rodman, the official did call a foul on you. He did so because when you were violently bicycling your legs while corralling a rebound, as you are wont to do, you snap-kicked Elliot Perry in the neck, which, while kind of rad, is 100 percent against the rules. He is entitled to two shots and an ice pack, at the very least.

Whenever you're done "Abbott and Costello Meet Fishbone"-ing it up, we can continue the game, so hurry up and throw confetti on Dickey Simpkins already. Or is it water? I can never tell with your hilarious pranks!

Best caption wins inspiration from John Starks, which the lucky among us get every day. Good luck.

In our last adventure: "I have always said that I will serve anyone who steps into MY house." Good basketball dad joke, Rik Smits. I'm proud of you.


Winner, Josh: Rik Smits earns a new nickname: "The Fryin' Dutchman."

Runner-up, Mitri: Reggie Miller will come through with that analyst gig aaannnyyy day now, Rik.

Second runner-up, D.: With the end of Entertainment 720, Rik Smits and his company, Entertainment by Rik, have reclaimed the role of the premier entertainment media conglomerate of Indiana.

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