C-a-C Past Lives: C’mon, read the scouting report, Latrell

Gotta get back in time ... Welcome to another edition of Create-a-Caption Past Lives.

Hey, we tried to tell him like six times that Jason Terry's favorite wrestler was "Macho Man" Randy Savage. If he still gets hit with that elbow, Latrell Sprewell's got nobody but himself to blame.

Best caption wins the missing piece to the winning-a-gold-medal puzzle. Good luck. (Also, rest in peace, sir.)

In our last adventure: Chris Paul has a Forrest Gump-level love of just pumpin' them limbs and gettin' places fast.


Winner, Give_and_go: Just like in the NBA, Chris Paul's track squad is a one-man team.

Runner-up, Perron: Chris Paul goes for an impression world record by simultaneously doing impersonations of Usain Bolt, Ray Charles and the Fonz. Unfortunately he comes up just short after the judges rule he needed to have both thumbs up for the Fonz to count.

Second runner-up, Alka: The lockout is here, and it's only getting longer
I'm running for my life, not getting paid
The future's so dark, I gotta wear shades
I gotta wear shades

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