C-a-C: Not sure this ‘Ravishing’ Serge Ibaka thing is going to take off

I mean, it's really admirable that Scott Brooks is trying to talk Russell Westbrook into supporting Serge Ibaka as he tries out something different. That's the sign of a coach who's really into fostering a sense of togetherness and unity within a roster that's now just three wins away from an NBA championship. Doc Rivers called it "ubuntu." I am pretty much 100 percent positive that Scott Brooks does not call it that. Either way, I think we can all appreciate it.

But the hands behind the head, the tongue, the insinuation of gyration ... it's all too much, Serge. Too sexy mid-game. Too distracting to the officials, and not in a way that will help you get calls. And it seems to be transfixing Mr. Westbrook, who has to get back to the business of beating Dwyane Wade off the dribble again. So, seriously cut it out. Or, at least, put a pin in it until the offseason, will you?

Best caption wins a very important Rick Rude tribute. Good luck.

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