C-a-C: ‘It’s not that the coaching got *better* or anything … just, um, different’

For the most part, center Tyson Chandler had avoided getting cornered by former coach Mike D'Antoni at Team USA's pre-Summer Olympics training camp in Las Vegas, but with Chandler being the U.S.'s lone true big man and D'Antoni serving as one of Mike Krzyzewski's top assistants, that couldn't last forever. Now comes the moment Chandler's dreaded — trying to explain how his New York Knicks went from an 18-24 team that scored an average of 98.8 points per 100 possessions and gave up 99-per-100 under D'Antoni to an 18-6 team that scored an average of 106.1-per-100 and gave up 97.4-per-100 under Mike Woodson. It's a hard thing to do.

I mean, especially when Carmelo Anthony is totally right there, showing Blake Griffin how to hit the stepback J, and you can't just say, "He started playing hard." Best of luck dancing around that one, Tyson.

Best caption wins a slew of awkward conversations performed by small toys and dinosaurs, as was provided for in the U.S. Constitution. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Rashard Lewis has a fish hook in his eyebrow, and he kind of likes it. (Thanks, C-a-C commenter EJ. No prize today, but an above-the-jump mention can't be sneezed at.)

Winner, The Devil: "Come on down to the Rashard Lewis School of Success, where I'll personally demonstrate how you too can get the Hornets to pay you $13 million to win a title with the Heat!"

Runner-up, Larry B.: "I'm taking what's left of my talents to South Beach."

Second runner-up, Russell S: Rashard Lewis' eyebrow became an unrestricted free agent from his face after it was amnestied. It eventually rejoined his face after accepting a minimum veteran facial hair contract. It remained to be seen if his goatee would be cut as well.

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