C-a-C: Nobody wants to play knockout with Jason Terry

Aww. I know it's lonely there on the bench, but don't fret, Jason Terry. Instead, why not use this time to come up with a new way to make yourself the center of attention?

Let's see: You've already done the "pretend you're an airplane" thing, the "get a tattoo of the championship trophy" thing, the "say you'll get that tattoo removed if you don't win it all" thing and the not being impressed with the Miami Heat's defense a game after getting almost totally shut down" thing ... hmm. Maybe this time just whip out a bullhorn and start yelling at people? Seems like a nice attention-getting strat. Think it over. No pressure.

Best caption wins a 400-plus person game of knockout. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Seriously, someone remind DeShawn Stevenson what the next step in the Macarena is. He's been stuck like that for 32 minutes.


Winner, Alex: "Baby, No! Not my McDonald's All-American Trophy!"

Runner-up, Pen Dragon: "Don't jump! We just tied the series! There's still a chance! Don't jump!"

Second runner-up, I Shoot, You Score: DeShawn Stevenson: The new face of The Rapture.

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