C-a-C: ‘My name is Deron Williams, a.k.a. Deron Bottleservice …’

Ball Don't Lie

"... because when I go out, I do, like, bottle service in the club. Like, vokka and oranjuice, like Ciroc, that's good vokka. Yo, ladies of Turkey, let me ask you a question, though: Ummmm, do you date me?"

Glad to see former New Jersey Nets point guard Deron Williams has brought a little bit of the Garden State with him to Besiktas. I'm sure Turkish Ed Hardy retailers especially appreciate it.

Best caption wins a $4 million deal to play in Istanbul, because you are good at business, plus a sick belt buckle, bro. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Oh, come on, Magic Johnson and Dick Cavett. It is not that surprising that the height difference between you is so vast.


Winner, Mr. Jones: If you don't make an innuendo while creating a caption about us, I will respect you thiiiiiiis much.

Runner-up, Dane H: Classic misdirection. While you are watching the right hand, the left hand is picking your pocket.

Second runner-up, Chillkreme43: Dick Cavett and his Rajon Rondo impersonation.

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