C-a-C: ‘Mr. Whirlpeas was a pretty cool assembly speaker’

Ball Don't Lie

Like, it was pretty cool how he was wearing jeans with his shirt and tie, and not dress pants. And you know how most grown-ups always have their hands out of their pockets? Nuh-uh. I'm almost definitely going to start recycling now, instead of just throwing my empty soda cans at people I don't like. If there was one thing I didn't like so much, it was when he just stayed quiet and smiled at us for like 45 minutes. Everything other than that was pretty cool, though.

Best caption wins international recognition when you are using the microphone, which Ron Artest d/b/a Metta World Peace obviously has. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Your ideas are intriguing to Kyrie Irving, and he wishes to subscribe to your newsletter. Fresh, new jokes for your Friday Internet.


Winner, JG: "Dan Gilbert says he'll give me the other horn when we win a championship."

Runner-up, Al: Kyrie Irving did everything he could to get the Viking helmet, but he couldn't get the giant clock off of Flava Flav.

Second runner-up, Ralph Macchio: "Ain't got a job, ain't got a degree, looks like Cheer Captain is the only thing left for me!"

NOTE: As BDL reader Jordan S wrote in the comments on Thursday's C-a-C, the Viking hat worn by Irving and many other Duke partisans at Cameron Indoor Stadium is a tribute to Drew Everson, a Duke student and fan who died last year. The jokes made in the post were, in the spirit of C-a-C, just jokes about a picture, and certainly written with no malice intended or aforethought.

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