C-a-C: Kyle Korver and Courtney Kirkland both loved 'Hairspray'

Listen, it was a fun revisiting/romp and everything, but it's pretty weird of you to start singing your favorite Seaweed and Link parts from the movie version of the "Hairspray" musical in the middle of a game, Kyle Korver(notes) and Courtney Kirkland. Plus, Kyle, you're supposed to be Ashton Kutcher; everyone already knows that. Now you're singing Zac Efron's numbers? Everyone's going to get confused.

Aw, what the heck? It's the last game of the season, and Courtney Kirkland's clearly pretty into this whole shebang. Who am I to stop it? Plus, as I understand it, it's pretty hard to stop the beat anyway. (WHAT Y'ALL KNOW ABOUT JOKES ABOUT JOHN WATERS MUSICALS ON SPORTS BLOGS?)

Best caption wins literally all the '10-11 Kyle Korver highlights you could ever want. Good luck.

In our last adventure: LeBron James(notes) shows you how he would hurt a fly.

Winner, Marco S: Playing the world's smallest violin was harder than LeBron had anticipated.

Runner-up, Andrew: "That's how close Eddy Curry(notes) was to getting a contract."

Second runner-up, Al Borland's Beard: You would think he could find a better time to tweeze his unibrow than in the middle of the game.

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