C-a-C: Kevin Love can’t believe Andrei Kirilenko was eating grapefruit in the huddle

Ball Don't Lie

C'mon, Andrei. We're just starting to get healthy here, we're only two games over .500, there's only one game between a playoff spot and 10th place, and Dirk and Nash are coming back soon. We can't be risking citrus-related setbacks to our leading scorer, man! Go eat that on the bench, please. Or better yet, throw it out. God forbid you get a seed in Ricky's eye.

Best caption wins a Nick Fury branded eye patch (not really). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant get their "Coneheads" on.

Winner, XLR8R: "I miss Phil."

"Me too."

Runner-up, Magic32: "Look, Pau, you got to shake off the tendinitis in your neck. I can't score 40 and support your head at the same time."

Second runner-up, Mr: Kobe will not be able to deny locking horns with Pau any longer.

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