C-a-C: Kevin Garnett is bad at the STF, but he will not stop trying to apply it

Listen, I think we can all agree that Kevin Garnett is no Masahiro Chono when it comes to applying the STF. But it's really important to him that he learns it, and I think we should all support him. See how Udonis Haslem is supporting him? Let's support him like that. Seriously, it will barely hurt at all, because he is so bad at submission wrestling. Just be nice. After Wednesday night, he needs it.

Best caption wins a limited edition Masa Chono mini-doll (not really). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Scott Brooks calls the Oklahoma City Thunder's signature play: The Kevin McCallister Gambit. (BTW: Very strong work, gang. Proud of you.)

Winner, Orchard: "Really? I have to do ANOTHER season of 'Franklin and Bash?'"

NOTE: This is funny because Scott Brooks does have a very Old Breckin Meyer Thing happening, but I think what you were trying to say, Orchard, is, "I GET to do another season of 'Franklin and Bash!!!!!'"

Runner-up, MikeE: Not even the soothing cool of Aqua Velva could lessen the sting of defeat.

Second runner-up, Give_and_go: Behind Scott Brooks, crafty veteran Manu Ginobili appears from beneath a front row seat to high five a woman's forehead. The befuddled Thunder coach later exclaimed, "Ginobili was everywhere!"

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