C-a-C: Kevin Durant shows us the true face of intensity

At least, I think that's intensity. I mean, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder had to play for a long time, and Memphis has really good barbecue. Wow, I really hope that's intensity. Please be intensity?

Best caption wins some really intense quotes about life, which is my new favorite search EVER. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Kobe Bryant wants the ball so he can be a facilitator, starting by facilitating a dent in the back of Jason Terry's head.


Winner, AlfredY: "You think a bunch of 3's is a great trick? Give me the ball, and I'll show you how to instantly grow old."

Runner-up, EJ: "My jersey is 10 times too big."

Second runner-up, Sean W.: "Terry hits nine 3s and acts like a jet. I hit zero. So, here's a bird."

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