C-a-C: Hamed Haddadi's moving tribute to Hype Williams

Fisheye lens? Check. Central figure shot from slightly below to seem heroic? Yup. Arresting visual element in motion behind stationary protagonist? Uh-huh.

Hands where my eyes could see? ...

You were almost there, Hamed Haddadi(notes). One out of two. So close.

Best caption wins the last MTV Video Vanguard Award ever. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Neither the time nor the place, Gerald Wallace(notes). Save your living statue routine for the Saturday Market, buddy.

Winner, KMH: Gerald Wallace: "Wait, let me get my mouthguard from my back pocket. It wouldn't be a true Gerald Wallace moment without my mouthguard hanging out."

Runner-up, Matt: Wallace: "'Tommy Boy,' 'Waterboy,' 'Dumb & Dumber,' 'Black Sheep' and 'Million Dollar Baby.' Top five comedies of all time."

Ref: "'Million Dollar Baby was not a comedy."

Nate McMillan: "Whatever, man. You just don't get it."

Second runner-up, Sam Orme: Having put his right hand in, Gerald Wallace prepares to show Nate McMillan exactly what the hokey pokey is all about.

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