C-a-c: 'Furry Vengeance' gets a thumbs up from Stan Van Gundy

Either Stan Van Gundy completely and totally agrees with whatever is going on in the game at the exact moment this picture was taken, or he's getting in a little practice for the next time he goes skiing. Considering SVG isn't a very jolly guy during the course of a game, I'd wager he has a trip to the Rockies planned. Best caption wins "Out Cold." Good luck.

Previously, two of "The Three Amigos" watched a Suns game.

Winner, Brian: "Its 200 miles to Mexico, we got a belly full of bean gas, half-assed moustaches, we're wearing sunglasses and los suns are out. Hit it."

Runner-up, S: "Thanks to the Arizona SB 1070, the third Amigo didn't make it to the game."

Second runner-up, Greg: "Skeets and Tas have trouble fitting in outside of Canadian borders."

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