C-a-C: DeJuan Blair and Tony Parker ride the Excitebike

DeJuan Blair(notes) and Tony Parker(notes) look pretty excited, guys. I mean, way more excited than you'd expect, even taking into account that they are well-compensated NBA players whose team, the San Antonio Spurs, has the best record in the whole ding-dong league. Mostly, it's because they're Spurs, who are not normally associated with looking excited. This is what Spurs normally look like:

And yet here these two are, grinnin' and winnin (shouts to Clyde). What's got these two so stoked? Best caption wins some amped-up guidelines for strength, fitness and dealing with haters. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Someone break Ryan Gomes off with a hug real quick.

Winner, Mark M.: Ryan Gomes(notes) auditions for the role of Florida Evans: "Damn, damn, DAMN!"

Runner-up, terminus_000: "My favorite Mahalia Jackson album is the one where she's on the cover all like this ..."

Second runner-up, Big S: Ryan Gomes struggles to identify the 3-D image displayed on the Clippers new "Magic Eye Jumbotron." (It's a sombrero.)

A Special Commendation in Ruling, Never Forget that Donald Sterling is a Creep Division, goes to alka for this funny-sad-not-funny-ha-ha line: Ryan Gomes is saddened to learn that his housing application for Sterling Towers has been rejected again.

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