C-a-C: Charles Barkley’s Lone Ranger cosplay game needs some work

I mean, no mask, no gun, no Tonto, no kerchief. This is just sloppy work, Charles. I expected more from a ... no, wait, I actually did not expect more at all. I didn't even expect this.

On the plus side, that horse is one of the coolest things Barkley has ever won playing blackjack with Baltic contessas. Hi-ho, Silver.

Best caption wins the Lone Rangers' hit 1994 single, "Degenerated," from a movie I am depressed to have watched a lot on HBO in the late '90s. Good luck.

In our last adventure: Big bully Kevin Garnett sits on Udonis Haslem, which is almost definitely going to get him sent to Principal Stern's office.

Winner, Mr: It's time to retire when you sit down first before scuffling for a loose ball.

Runner-up, Dane H: Shane Battier: "That awkward moment when ..."

Second runner-up, Give_and_go: Dwyane Wade decides this would be as good a time as any cherry pick.

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