C-a-C: Andy forces a smile as he faces the Cavs' future

"I mean, I think we're going to have trouble defending, but if this is the new rotation that Mr. Gilbert and Coach Scott want to use, I guess I can't argue. We should probably get them uniforms, though." - Anderson Varejao(notes), probably.

That's the spirit, Andy. Take it all in stride. Best caption wins a tryout with the Cleveland Cavaliers (not really, at all). Good luck.

In our last adventure: Wall and Flip, talkin' and relatin'.

Winner, azv321: JW: Coach, I agree it's hilarious, but now is not the time to practice our "Men on Film" impression.
FS: Come on, John! Look! "Hated it!"

Runner-up, Dapper Darius: Flip: This is an L. We're going to be seeing a lot of these this year in the box scores.

Second runner-up, El Du: No, John. You're going to be the one that saves me. After all ... you're our Wonder Wall.

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