Week 13 Fantasy Game Changers | Fantasy Football Live

The FFL team discusses a trio of players who could potentially wreak havoc on Sunday.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: All right, it's time to look at some fantasy game changers this week, powered by Ram trucks. You know what we do here. We like to give you a word we associate with Ram Trucks, and then a player we also associate with that word.

Matt, your word is trustworthy. What do you give us for trustworthy?

MATT HARMON: Listen, I just bagged on you guys for doing ridiculous stuff and I'm about to say that the Pittsburgh Steelers are trustworthy. Now that is absolutely ridiculous but, Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren, I think both of these guys are extremely trustworthy this week.

Number one, yeah obviously, ousting Matt Canada and finally getting over 400 yards of total offense last week. They had never done that in the Matt Canada era, if you'd like to call it that era, error, or whatever you'd like to say.

They'd never done that. They finally did that. They activated the middle of the field from a passing offense standpoint. That was great, but quietly, this team has been running the ball extremely well for a while.

Since they came back from their Bye week-- so since week seven-- these Steelers are 852 rushing yards since week seven. That is second in the NFL. They've been efficient. They've been explosive.

No one has more explosive runs than Najee Harris this year. I was told he was not allowed to rip off big plays, but he has been doing it. And think he does it a lot more against this Cardinals defense that ranked 30th in EPA per rush allowed, and was obviously just ripped up by Kyren Williams. You can trust both of these Steelers running backs in your lineup this week.

JASON FITZ: You just use trustworthy with the Steelers offense. I think you might still be drunk from Thanksgiving. All right. I'll give you a word here, capability-- last week, yeah-- the capability is the word.

And I'll give you Alvin Kamara. And the funny thing is, I think most of what's happened for the Saints so far this year has been a disappointment on the offensive side of the ball. But Kamara hasn't been.

His yards per rush is down a little bit but overall, his rushing yards are on pace to be what they need them to be, and his targets in the passing game are actually up, no surprise, given the fact that Derek Carr's really comfortable using running backs out of the backfield.

As much as we talk about the disappointments we have seen from the Saints offense versus what was expected, we have not seen any disappointment because of the capability from Alvin Kamara specifically. He is able to make the most out of every situation.

I think when this season is done, the Saints are going to look in the mirror and wonder how they had the weapons they had and didn't have a better season. But Alvin Kamara is going to look in the mirror and say, hey, I did the damn thing and I did it consistently and well all year because of my capabilities.

So I'll give you Kamara there. Andy, that means you are up and your word, good sir, luxury. Just like getting to hang out with you. Luxury.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, I'm going to go with Chiefs rookie Rashee Rice. He's a luxury fantasy receiver. He's coming off his first 10 target game. In a week like this, six teams on Bye, Rice is a locked in fantasy starter.

He just caught eight balls for 107 yards. One score against your Raiders. That's five TDs on the season for Rice. He's playing about 2/3 of the snaps pretty regularly right now, so playing time isn't much of a worry.

He's also catching nearly 80% of his targets, which is like a running back's rate. So he's the rare Chiefs receiver that is not going to produce like a game changing drop. He's pretty much the only one who hasn't done it this year.

Obviously, Patrick Mahomes elevates Rice substantially. Also, Rice was primarily used from the slot in the first half of the season. He's now lining up everywhere. He's out wide as much as he's in the slot.

That's fun. It keeps him on the field. It opens up more of the offense for him. They're getting him the ball in different ways. I think he is an absolute luxury this week.

JASON FITZ: Yeah. I mean, Marcus Peters had such a hard time tackling him. He doesn't have a job anymore. So that's how that went. All right. No matter what you're looking for in a light duty truck, the 2023 RAM 1500 has got you covered. Score yours at