Byron Leftwich on Tom Brady: Being in new place after 20 years is a challenge

Josh Alper
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was drafted a few years after Tom Brady and he said on a Tuesday conference call that the two of them have been able to connect about the old school NFL in a way that isn’t possible with younger players.

That extended time in the league for both men has exposed them to quite a bit of offensive football, which Leftwich believes will ultimately make it easier for Brady to adapt to his new team because “realistically we’re all kind of running the same plays.” The difference comes in how the plays are called and taught, which gets to the heart of what Leftwich thinks will be Brady’s biggest hurdle heading into the 2020 season.

“I think the greatest challenge is this: He’s been somewhere for 20 years,” Leftwich said, via Kyle Wood of the Tampa Bay Times. “You guys know, some of you may have worked at the same job for 20 years. And you’ve done something for 20 years in one spot and there’s change, it’s automatically different. It doesn’t matter if it’s for better or for worse, it’s just different. And I try to communicate with him. I want him to just talk football. I know you’ve been saying things a certain way for so long. . . . So it’s not a play that he hasn’t heard of. It’s not a play that he hasn’t ran. Now we just got to figure out what he does well and make sure we run a lot more of those plays on Sunday than not.”

The Bucs didn’t go after Brady with the intention of shoehorning him into a system, so it’s a good bet that learning process will wind up greatly influencing the look of Tampa’s offense in the fall.

Byron Leftwich on Tom Brady: Being in new place after 20 years is a challenge originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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