Byron Jones seems to indicate he’s done playing football

Dolphins cornerback Byron Jones, a first-round pick in the 2015 draft, has some important thoughts after eight years in the NFL. And it sounds as if there won’t be a ninth NFL season.

Retweeting the video of his impressive 12-foot, three-inch long jump from the 2015 Combine, Jones said this: “Much has changed in 8 years. Today I can’t run or jump because of my injuries sustained playing this game. DO NOT take the pills they give you. DO NOT take the injections they give you. If you absolutely must, consult an outside doctor to learn the long-term implications.”

Jones spent all of 2022 on the physically unable to perform list, due to ankle and Achilles issues.

His tweet strongly implies that he won’t be playing any time soon, if (as he says) he can’t run or jump.

Jones remains under contract with the Dolphins. With a $13.5 million salary for 2023, none of which is guaranteed, it appears that he’ll either be released or retiring, sooner than later.

Byron Jones seems to indicate he’s done playing football originally appeared on Pro Football Talk