Buying These 11 Products Is the Best Thing I Did For My Natural Hair

Confession: I used to dread wash days because they only seemed to bring me a headache. I braid my hair often, so it can be pretty sensitive and hard to detangle once I undo the braids. I would spend hours just combing through the knots and crying out in pain. Since meeting a hairstylist this summer who's familiar with my hair type and taken the time to educate me, I now know that the right products make everything a breeze.

In a not-so-surprising turn of events, I've come to cherish the ritual of washing my hair. From the prewash treatment that softens it to the deep condition that nurtures it, I've learned about the products needed in each step and the purpose they serve. No matter where you are in your natural journey, I bet you'll find something from this list that will nourish your scalp and make you look forward to wash days, too. I'm finally sharing my secrets, so get ready to take notes.


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