Buxton scratched as a precaution; Miranda, Larnach cut from roster

FORT MYERS, FLA. – Byron Buxton was scratched from Monday's spring training game against the Boston Red Sox because of lower back tightness on his right side, but it was a precautionary move after he dove for a ball in a defensive drill.

"He hit during the game," Twins manager Rocco Baldelli said. "He wanted to go in the cage during the game and take some swings. If he was in pain, believe me, he's not going in there and doing that. That was a somewhat positive thing."

Buxton, who was not in the Twins clubhouse following the game, has had relatively few restrictions placed on him since he began playing in Grapefruit League games. He's played in back-to-back games twice this spring, including one set of back-to-back games in center field.

The Twins are off Tuesday, and Baldelli says there is a chance Buxton is back in the lineup Wednesday.

"He's been going at it pretty much every day," Baldelli said. "On days where he's not even playing in the major league game, he's on the minor league side going to get at-bats. It's not like we've been going soft on his spring or anything like that.

"He's moving well and we're trying to put a workload on him so he can stand up to the season. It's the only way you're going to be able to do it. Going super light in spring training for a guy like Buck is not going to get you where you need to go. You have to put a little wear and tear on him, which is a good thing."

Twins cut three

The Twins announced three roster cuts from camp Monday: First baseman Jose Miranda, outfielder Trevor Larnach and reliever Jordan Balazovic. All three players are expected to begin the season at Class AAA St. Paul.

Miranda and Larnach were both in the Opening Day lineup last year.

"We need good players behind the guys that are going to start the year in the big leagues," Baldelli said. "At this moment, we brought players in, we had some players that had good summers here and they're going to start the year in those spots, but it's a long year and I think those guys, they're ready to work."

The Twins have 40 healthy players remaining in camp.

Canterino sidelined

Twins pitching prospect Matt Canterino, who is returning from Tommy John surgery, will begin the season on the Class AAA injured list after he reported a subscapularis muscle strain in his shoulder.

Canterino, 26, owns a career 1.48 ERA in 85 minor league innings with 130 strikeouts and 35 walks.

"We're just going to take this pretty slow at the front end and then hope that when we build him back up, when he's back into games, we're building toward him being able to pitch through the end of the season," said Derek Falvey, the Twins' president of baseball operations.