Business Beyond the Game: Shawne Merriman Says ‘Athletes Die Twice’

Former All-Pro NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman was teased back when he trademarked “Lights Out,” his nickname that became popular during his peak playing years. Some of his teammates raised eyebrows about the move to protect his intellectual property.

But the three-time Pro Bowler would get the last laugh, as he has leveraged that moniker to create his own business ventures since his retirement in 2013. Merriman, who starred for the Los Angeles Chargers (then San Diego Chargers) from 2005-10, has turned the nickname into a brand name, as the founder of mixed-martial arts league Lights Out Xtreme Fighting and the owner of apparel company Lights Out.

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Merriman joined the show to discuss the move to trademark the nickname, diving into the world of MMA and how pro athletes can avoid falling on tough times after their playing days.

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