Business Beyond the Game: Chris Herren on Mental Health in Sports

Chris Herren played in the NBA in a different era, one when discussion about wellness and mental health was taboo conversation. The former Boston Celtics guard says it’s been “a beautiful thing” to see today’s generation of pro athletes being more vocal about the issue.

Herren understands this well as someone who has struggled with substance abuse and mental health woes. The former McDonald’s All-American was recently the focus of the ESPN 30 for 30 film ‘Unguarded,’ and he now runs the Herren Project, a nonprofit addiction recovery organization. Herren continues to share his story with students, executives and thought leaders nationwide.

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Herren joined Business Beyond the Game to discuss athletes prioritizing their mental health, how rising player salaries have pushed teams to better support the needs of their investments and how ‘Unguarded’ shaped his life.

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