Burger King's new ‘Impossible Nuggets' have fast-food fans divided

Burger King Impossible Nuggets are officially here, but not everyone can agree on them. The meatless nuggets will debut in select test markets on Oct. 11, according to The Takeout. Created by Impossible Foods, the new item will make Burger King the first global fast-food chain to offer meat-free nuggets. As of Oct. 11, customers in Boston, Miami and Des Moines, Iowa, will get the chance to try them. like any plant-based fast-food dish, The Impossible Nuggets have sparked plenty of discussion online. Some praised Burger King for adding more meatless options to its menu, which already includes the Impossible Whopper. “Their impossible burger is good, and w/ their other appetizers hit or miss, I’ll take nuggets for my munchies,” one Twitter user wrote. Others, however, were less impressed. “Did customers really ask for this?” one user asked. In addition to the Impossible Nuggets, Burger King is also testing a new, Halloween-appropriate menu item — spicy “Ghost Pepper Nuggets”