Bulut hopeful on Cardiff City contract extension

Erol Bulut says he wants to be part of the Cardiff City “family” after confirming “positive talks” over his future as manager.

The Turkish boss, 49, is out of contract at the end of the season and says he still feels he is a “guest” at the Championship club.

It’s understood the talks, sanctioned last week by owner Vincent Tan, revolve around what backing Bulut will receive in the transfer market this summer as well as possible off-the-field changes.

“The first talks have been positive, this I can deliver,” said Bulut.

“I think we have to look forward about the duration [of the contract] and that I need something in front of me to go on. I’ve discussed this with Vincent [Tan] and Mehmet Dalman [chairman] but the first talks that we had last week were positive.

When asked if he wanted to stay at the welsh club, Bulut replied: “I think this question I answered already two months ago.

“From my side there are no issues, I’d like to stay because we built something here a little bit. I’ve been a guest here for one year, now I want to be part of the family. I don’t want to be a guest again.

“For one more year I want to be part of the family, to build with the family for the future. If we can handle this, with good plans for the future of Cardiff City, I will be in”.

Under Bulut, the Bluebirds are already on course to finish considerably higher in the Championship compared to last season, with a potential top ten finish instead of 21st in the previous campaign.

“I watched some games from last season to know a little bit about the club, I respect all the coaches who’ve been before, they tried to get Cardiff in a good position and place. For some coaches it didn’t work well," added Bulut.

“We tried to change some things. From outside everything looks always nice and good but when you come in you see more details where you have to work and we tried to fix the biggest issues.

"We can never be perfect, we are still learning. I am still learning. I didn’t know the league, I didn’t know all the players’ characters."

When asked if Cardiff can be better under him next season, Bulut said: “Yes, I’m sure about that”.

“We’ve made plans and we don’t have to forget, last season we were 21st in the league, now we are 12th, and could be 10th after the last game [against Rotherham] but still for me, it’s a really successful season."