Bulls Trade Ideas: Should Chicago consider a Julius Randle trade?

As the Chicago Bulls look to reshape the roster this summer, they need to consider all their options. They could look to win now, but at the same time, they should be hoping to add assets that will help them move forward into the future. One name that could be brought up in potential trade talks this offseason is Julius Randle of the New York Knicks.

Whether or not the Bulls want to get in on the Randle sweepstakes is yet to be seen, but considering they are looking to move on from Zach LaVine, the Knicks could be a potential landing spot.

Randle would give the Bulls some forward help, but his lack of consistent three-point shooting wouldn’t be a huge boost to their offense. That said, his rebounding and playmaking could help.

Meanwhile, LaVine would give the Knicks another perimeter shot creator to help take the load off Jalen Brunson, but his defensive concerns wouldn’t fit into Tom Thibodeau’s culture.

Conclusion: A LaVine-for-Randle deal doesn’t make too much sense for either side.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire