Bulls Talk Podcast: Daryl Morey’s wild claim, breaking down Bulls schedule

On this edition of the Bulls Talk Podcast, Kendall Gill, Will Perdue, and Kevin Anderson discuss the Bulls schedule and wild claims by Rockets GM Daryl Morey.

0:45       Reacting to Daryl Morey's claim that James Harden is a better scorer than Jordan was

6:20       On Westbrook and Harden dynamic

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8:35       Are Rockets the favorites in the west?

12:15    On impact losing DeMarcus Cousins has on the Lakers

14:30    On the Bulls only getting one national TV game next season, should players feel insulted?

18:25    Will on the importance of the preseason for the Bulls

20:45    Expectations for the Bulls to start the season strong

23:15    On Bulls fans needing a good start to stay interested

24:20    Is it a disappointment if they finish 9th in the east?

25:30    How does the Bulls starting five compare to the best teams in the East?

28:30    Why Lauri Markkanen is the x-factor for the Bulls to make the postseason

31:25    On Michael Porter Jr. snapping Adam Silver's personal cell phone number

Listen to the full episode in the embedded player below:

Bulls Talk Podcast


Bulls Talk Podcast: Daryl Moreys wild claim, breaking down Bulls schedule originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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