Bulls invite Carlos Boozer’s little brother, Charles Boozer, to join Summer League team

For many NBA teams, the hours immediately after the conclusion of the annual NBA draft are nearly as important as the ones leading up to it. That's when front offices spring into action, picking through the cream of the crop among players whose names weren't called by David Stern or Adam Silver to sign them as undrafted free agents. Beyond that, teams also look to the post-draft period to fill out their Summer League rosters, extending invitations to Las Vegas or Orlando to players who profile as potential prospects, practice bodies ... or, y'know, siblings:

I write this not to denigrate Charles Boozer, the 25-year-old brother of former All-Star power forward Carlos Boozer. While he wasn't exactly a star at Iowa State, averaging 2.6 points in 8.3 minutes per game in his three years in Ames, the younger Boozer still played Big 12 ball, which ain't nothing.

And while the former Cyclones reserve left the program under head-shaking circumstances in the spring of 2010 and hasn't been much heard from since, it's possible that time to mature and learn from the mistakes of youth has served the 6-foot-3 guard well, and that leveraging his brother's role with the Bulls into a Summer League shot could give him a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of basketball decision-makers. It's also possible that, like most summertime pickups, he doesn't really distinguish himself during his time in Vegas and we forget that he ever even kinda-sorta laced 'em up for an NBA team.

Mostly, though, I just wanted to make sure that you guys all knew, in case you didn't already, that Carlos Boozer's brother's name is Charles Boozer.

While I don't especially care whether or not the younger Boozer somehow manages to stick with the Bulls, there is a small part of me rooting for the opportunity to write about Chicago's Charleses Boozers, especially if Charles is anywhere near as vocal on the court as his big bro. (And if he paints his head sometimes, too, well, so much the better.)

Also, their father's name is Charles Boozer, too. It is borderline stunning to me the matriarch of the Boozer family is not named Charlotte or Charlene. (She is named Renee.) Strong moniker-maintenance preferences, Boozers.