Bullish or Bearish?: Terry McLaurin will be first Redskins wideout to catch 10 TDs since 1991

Peter Hailey
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Welcome to "Bullish or Bearish?" In this series, JP Finlay and Pete Hailey will pick bold, fan-submitted statements about the Redskins and decide whether they're personally bullish or bearish on those statements.

Next up is this high bar relating to the best offensive player on the team:

Now, Pete and JP's analysis...

Pete's thoughts

Our guy Troy is correct: While Jordan Reed hauled in 11 scores in 2015, Gary Clark was the last Burgundy and Gold wide receiver to visit the end zone on 10 occasions, and he did that back in 1991. That was 29 years ago. I was -3 years old.

Well, Terry McLaurin is going to bring that disheartening streak to an end this season. Yes, I'm BULLISH on this one.

As a rookie, McLaurin caught seven touchdowns. Here are some facts about those seven touchdowns:

  • They came in just 14 contests

  • They came from two different quarterbacks, neither of which would be described as having been "great," "good" or even "fine" in 2019

  • They came despite there being no other real receiving threat on offense (Chris Thompson was the group's second-leading pass catcher, and he finished with 541 fewer yards than No. 17)

All of that is to help make this clear: Those were a hard-earned seven touchdowns. Fortunately, there are reasons to believe McLaurin will find himself in a better overall situation in his second pro campaign.

Hopefully, he'll be able to suit up for all 16 of Washington's matchups. Beyond that, though, there's the fact that he'll be paired up with a more mature, more experienced and potentially much improved Dwayne Haskins. And, while the Redskins swung and missed on Amari Cooper, they did add some subtle pieces to the offense in JD McKissic, Antonio Gibson and Antonio Gandy-Golden.

Of course, McLaurin won't have the same element of surprise in 2020 that he did in 2019; every opponent will know that he's the Redskins' go-to guy. But if he's a little luckier with his health, running routes weekly for a talented and growing QB and taking the field with a few more options that defenses will have to monitor, then 10 touchdowns is absolutely possible.

The dude has many nicknames already, one of which is Touchdown Terry. After this year, though, he's going to go by Ten Touchdown Terry. 


JP's thoughts

*I'm proud of Pete because this is probably his longest blog post in all the years since I hired him as an intern six years ago. 

*Also for the record, I was in on McLaurin before Pete.

*As established, McLaurin had those seven touchdowns during a trainwreck season... as a rookie... with different quarterbacks... and two head coaches (not to mention different play callers). He's in much better position to go double digits this fall than last fall. 


*Want some insight into McLaurin the person? Let him provide it from a Zoom call with reporters last month: "The only solidified goal I have for myself this year is just trying to play every game, being out there for my team, and trying to make the plays when they depend on me. I'm really looking forward to taking that next step, and seeing what it's like being a guy that's probably more focused on by defenses, how I have to adjust my game and continue to be successful."

*I'm BULLISH on this as well. Anything Terry McLaurin related, I'm bullish.

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Bullish or Bearish?: Terry McLaurin will be first Redskins wideout to catch 10 TDs since 1991 originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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