Buffalo officers charged with felony in protestor shove

"Two of our police officers were charged and arrested this morning and arraigned in front of Judge {unknown} on assault in the 2nd degree. And this particular assault charged in 2nd degree is a felony."

That's NY District Attorney (Erie County) John J. Flynn on Saturday as he announced the charges filed against two Buffalo Police officers Robert McCabe and Aaron Torgalski.

Both officers pleaded not guilty and were released after a virtual arraignment.

McCabe and Torgalski were arrested on Saturday in connection with this viral video. Officers shoved a 75-year-old protester to the ground. And even after blood began to seep out of the protesters head, police officers could be seen on tape walking around him with offering any assistance.

The altercation, which took place Thursday at a rally against police brutality, sparked an outcry.

A day before being charged and arrested the two were suspended from the force.

The injured protester - Martin Gugino - a long-time community activist, survived the fall, but was critically injured.

Governor Cuomo on Saturday repeated his outrage at the cops' actions and praised swift disciplinary actions against them.

"The police have to do their jobs. But they don't have the right to abuse, to hurt, to use unnecessary force. And they're going to be held accountable."

But the two officers have their supporters.

All 57 members of a police tactical unit in Buffalo resigned Friday from that team to protest the suspension of their two colleagues.

(DISTRICT ATTORNEY)"I implore the rank and file of the Buffalo Police Department to think about the oath they took when they were sworn in as police officers and think about what they promised to do to protect our community, to protect our city. And if you're made at me fine. Be mad at me, I don't care. Trust me, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it."

The two officers are set to appear on July 20 for a felony hearing and will remain suspended without pay.