Buffalo Bills reporter apologizes after hot mic catches her talking about Stefon Diggs

Buffalo Bills reporter Maddy Glab has issued an apology after a hot mic caught her criticizing receiver Stefon Diggs.

"I am very sorry for what I said and meant no ill will," Glab said in a statement shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday evening. "I respect the hell out of Stefon Diggs, and he has been one of my favorite players to cover. He has great character and treats us media with lots of respect."

Glab's apology is in response to a video that began circulating online Wednesday afternoon. Ahead of a Bills press conference, a live stream picked up Glab talking with reporters as they were waiting for a players to take the podium. "There’s no control over Stefon Diggs. Dudes gonna do what he wants to do. He’ll look in my face and say (expletive) you…that’s how he treats everybody," Glab said. The video has more than 1.5 million views.

Glab provided context for the viral clip, revealing that her off-hand comment was intended as a joke.

"Media was waiting for players to come out for press conferences when a reporter jokingly told me to go get Stefon Diggs," Glab wrote. "I said I don’t have control over him — Stef marches to the beat of his own drum and I love that about him. He has a playful relationship with our video department, so that’s why I said he probably wouldn’t say yes to me grabbing him for an interview."

She concluded her statement by writing, "I should not have said what I said... Stef is not in the wrong, I am."

Glab has served as the Bills team reporter since July 2019, according to her LinkedIn page.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Buffalo Bills reporter apologizes for hot mic joke about Stefon Diggs