Budget-friendly Shein releases very unfriendly bodysuit

the budget-fashion retailer Shein is facing backlash and ridicule over a new $11 high-cut bodysuit — emphasis on the “high-cut”. From shoulders to waist, the unusual-looking item seems like a normal long-sleeved bodysuit. But the bottom half of the piece is, what one Facebook user called, “awful and painful”. The cut barely covers anything, . and looks so viscerally excruciating to put on and move in that one Twitter user said she was “crying at the thought of how uncomfortable that would be”. The Daily Mail reported that someone shared the photo on Facebook with the caption, “What is this!?”. Other users found a similarity between the bodysuit and the neon green mankini Sacha Baron Cohen wears on the beach in the 2006 movie, “Borat”. Shein is no stranger to controversy and was recently in hot water in July 2020 after advertising a swastika necklace. The retailer apologized and pulled the product from the site