Buddy Hield opens up on challenges of adjusting to Sixers midseason

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers made a big move at the deadline to acquire Buddy Hield from the Indiana Pacers in order to bolster their shooting and floor spacing around Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. Obviously, Embiid is out at the moment, but that’s the idea when they are fully healthy.

In six games with the Sixers, Hield is averaging 19.3 points and 6.2 assists while shooting 45.5% from deep. However, coach Nick Nurse pointed out Hield’s struggles in Thursday’s loss to the New York Knicks while simultaneously pointing out what he did right in a win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“He’s another guy that after reviewing the tape, did not play well,” said Nurse. “Did not play well. Again, I’m not talking about shooting or scoring or anything. I’m talking about making the right plays, making the right reads. Defensively, doing what you’re supposed to do, and I thought he really worked tonight (Friday). He did a good solid job. He played solid, and then he made a big catch-and-shoot 3. I mean that’s what he’s out there for. He’s got to do both ends.”

Defensively, Hield was doing different things with the Pacers that he isn’t doing now with the Sixers. At the moment, he has to learn a lot of different terms and it has been a bit of a challenge at the moment, but one he feels like he will tackle with time.

“The biggest challenge is just, like, terminology, different defensive schemes,” Hield told Sixers Wire. “That’s, like the biggest thing. We all run the same thing. Just different terminology so that’s understanding the terminology and getting it, but it all makes sense because of the terminology, but just figuring out the defensive schemes and adjusting to that.”

While Hield is scoring at a high rate, he knows that scoring won’t be his main role as the Sixers begin to get healthy. He will be relied on to space the floor and give Philadelphia what it needs to help Maxey and Embiid succeed.

“At first, I was scoring more, but now we have more guys back,” Hield added. “It’s like pick and choose your spots and I’ll figure it out, but it’s cool, man. You can’t complain when you’re .500 through the six. Before the trade, we were worse than what we were now so I feel like the adjustment of coming here and ease into a role which is much-needed for this team which is the 3-point shooting, the ball-handling, making the right play, and keeping the floor spaced.”

The more the Sixers continue to grow with Hield and Maxey in the backcourt, they know things will get better. That’s the beauty of how things are right now. Hield is playing well and he hasn’t even gotten fully comfortable just yet. Just keep the floor spaced.

“Especially, for guys like Tyrese to go to work and guys can’t double him and he can be elite at what he does so playing off him and playing off all the other guys,” Hield finished. “That’s the biggest thing.”

The Sixers will host the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire