Bucs try their hand at April Fool’s Day gag

Mike Florio

The first official April Fool’s Day gag of 2019 has emerged. It involves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The team’s official website has posted an item claiming that receiver Mike Evans will become a full-time, two-way player, adding defensive back to his workload.

I’m just a competitor,” Evans said in the item of obvious #fakenews. “I always want to be on the field. It bugs me having to be on the sidelines while the defense is out there. When I got my shot at corner in the Pro Bowl, it was really to put people on notice that I can defend with the best of them. Literally.”

The NFL’s last two-way player was Roy Green, a Cardinals defensive back who added receiver in 1981 before becoming a full-time wideout the following year. The NFL’s next two-way player definitely won’t be Mike Evans.

Whether anyone was actually fooled by the effort remains to be seen.

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