The Bucs tried to troll the Brady-Foles handshake drama, and it didn't go well

Adam Hermann
·2 min read

The Bucs got roasted for weak Brady-Foles handshake troll originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Bucs won their fifth game of the season on Sunday, moving to an NFC South-leading 5-2 through seven weeks. They look like a very good football team.

But online, all anyone wants to talk about surrounding the Bucs is Eagles legend Nick Foles.

Because after Sunday's win against the Raiders, Tampa Bay's official Twitter account posted this photo of Tom Brady shaking Derek Carr's hand:

Oh boy.

If you've been following along at home, Brady has been roasted by football fans everywhere for refusing to shake Foles' hand after the Bears beat the Bucs in Week 5, just like he did after Foles and the Eagles beat Brady in Super Bowl LII.

Brady tried to claim it meant nothing last week, but fans have noticed that Brady is shaking plenty of hands this year - just not Foles' hand.

So they made sure to remind the Bucs about Brady's latest snub:

The Bucs have had just one winning season since 2010, haven't reached the playoffs since 2007, and right now it looks like Brady has turned the entire organization's fortunes around. It's a big story.

And it's probably annoying him just a bit that, amid all this success, fans won't let this tiny detail go.

An easy solution? Next time, don't be a baby. Shake Foles' hand.