Bucs reveal uniform combo for Week 13

Another game, another white jersey.

The Bucs got a little zesty in Week 12 by bringing out their pewter uniforms, but it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming in Week 13. Tampa Bay is set to play the Carolina Panthers at home on Sunday, and when they do, they’ll be donning their now-classic white-over-pewter look.

The Bucs traditionally wait until it is a bit colder to break out their red jerseys, but they still won’t bring them out — the team has only done so once, in Week 3 against the Philadelphia Eagles on prime time. The team has worn their white-over-pewter combo quite a bit, with this being the fifth time. The team is 2-2 when wearing these uniforms, with their most recent appearance in San Francisco two weeks ago resulting in a loss. This game will make this combo the team’s most-worn this year, right ahead of its white-on-white combo that has been worn four times.

Story originally appeared on Buccaneers Wire