Bucks’ Patrick Beverley clarifies comment regarding Sixers’ will to win

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia 76ers made the decision at the deadline to send Patrick Beverley to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for Cam Payne and a second-round pick. Beverley was a fan favorite in Philadelphia and was a positive influence in the locker room.

Beverley made his return to Philadelphia on Sunday as he helped the Bucks knock off the Sixers 119-98. The Sixers fell to 7-16 on the season without Joel Embiid as Philadelphia continues to try and find its way.

Recently on “The Pat Bev Pod”, Beverley appeared to throw some shade at the Sixers saying that the Bucks are only looking to win a title while the Sixers were focused on stats. He clarified his comments after the game on Sunday as he believes management is looking more toward the future.

“For sure, obviously, but I think they’re looking to the future, not now, which is how you gotta look in this league,” Beverley said. “Especially, with the team make up. A bunch of guys, a bunch of free agents coming up next year, so you understand it.”

Beverley also understood why he was moved. He has been in the business for a bit so he knows what’s going on and how teams look at the deadline.

“I don’t think it was a shock,” Beverley said of the trade. “That was probably some of the best basketball I’ve played in my career. At the end of the day, it’s a business, right? You got a 35-year-old on the minimum. You can get a younger guy and a second-round pick for him? I would say that’s a helluva deal so I understand the business part of it, but I wasn’t shocked. Not in this league, definitely wasn’t shocked. I’m just happy they sent me to here instead of to a place like Washington D.C. or something. It’s all perspective.”

The Sixers will look to move on following the tough loss to the Bucks as they pay a visit to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire