Bucks forward Jon Brockman loves wearing adult onesies

Jon Brockman had kind of a rough third year in the NBA, you guys. The 24-year-old forward appeared in only 35 games for a Milwaukee Bucks team that missed the playoffs, averaging just under seven minutes a contest and taking a definitive step backward in his NBA career. After a season like that, sometimes you just need to push life's pause button, take a step back and give yourself some time to relax. Preferably by slipping into a wearable blanket with sleeves and legs, aka a Snuggie with legs, aka a Forever Lazy/Uni-Lazy/adult onesie, aka, apparently, the Swagga Suit.

In case you're wondering what the hell all of this is about — and if you're not, mayhaps you should be — "Swagga Suits" are "unique [...] onepiece jumpsuits" designed specifically for the tastes, measurements and comfort preferences of folks who support the University of Washington, where Brockman starred for four years before becoming a second-round draft pick of the Sacramento Kings in 2009, a group that includes UW students, faculty, alumni, fans and "Community" star Joel McHale.

"These suits are comfy and great to wear to UW events and sports games to show your UW spirit and represent your favorite school," according to the Swagga Suits Facebook page, which is an attribution that would have made sense to precisely no one nine years ago.

Also, "swag" in this context reportedly stands for "Sweet Washington Athletic Gear," which, duh. In an unrelated story, someone's about to try to make breakfast money during the Olympics by feeding people "Your Official London Oatmeal," or YOLO.

In need of some blithe nonsense in the middle of your Thursday? Hit the jump for some pictures of a grown man called "The Brockness Monster" wearing oversized baby clothes and jumping!

So comfy, so versatile, so stylish. You can dress it up OR dress it down; the perfect article of clothing if you want to look like a giant baby for ANY occasion. And here I've been, wearing mesh shorts and a T-shirt from the St. Louis City Museum like some kind of sap. If only I'd gone to the University of Washington.

Hat-tip to NBA Leftovers, the official Tumblr of Friend of BDL Michael Katz.