Buccaneers seem to hint at new uniforms

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

The Ghost in the Machine could seen be leaving the building.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have posted a video that has sparked speculation that a uniform change is coming. Contacted by PFT, the team has declined comment on the video, for now.

That serves only to fuel the speculation that a uniform change is coming, and that perhaps the team is going to potentially be dropping more hints via social media before officially saying anything about the situation.

If a uniform change is coming, the next question becomes when will the change be made? Teams in the past have made their plans known at least a year in advance. Earlier this year, however, the Falcons announced that a uniform change is coming for 2020, after an extended process of revising the uniforms that was done in complete secrecy. Thus, it’s possible that the Bucs will be pulling the sheet off their new uniforms soon.

The Buccaneers have had three major uniform configurations in 44 years. They arrived in the NFL with the Bucco Bruce creamsicle ensemble. In 1997, a dramatic shift to dark red and pewter fueled a massive change in how the team was perceived — and coincidentally how it performed. In 2014, the team tried to fix what wasn’t broken, making the logo on the helmet cartoonishly oversized and incorporating numbers that looked like the LED-style digits that were modified by the Police for the cover of the album mentioned in the first sentence.

Now, aren’t you glad you kept reading? Or do you simply want the last minute of your life back?

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