Buccaneers/Patriots likely to become the most expensive regular season tickets in history

On the heels of the 2021 NFL schedule release, Liz Loza and Charles Robinson discuss the most anticipated games of the year. Charles reveals that tickets to Week 4's matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots are on track to become the most expensive ever recorded in the regular season.

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Video Transcript

LIZ LOZA: Last year when the schedule dropped I actually listened to you and Torres waxing poetic about it, and I thought you, Charles, made some really interesting points about the way schedule makers favored various franchises and teams. Tom Brady. So I wanted to see what your initial reaction to the 2021 schedule was like, also noting that there are 10 teams that have five primetime games.

CHARLES ROBINSON: When I saw the games. I mean, look. The one that really matters to me and, I know it's the obvious one, but I'm going to say it because I've had how many ticket brokers come to me today saying, holy [BLEEP] man, you know that Tom Brady game in New England's already $1,500 for the get-in price. There-- literally, it is the most expensive game. Now, we'll see the prices will fluctuate between now and October, and a lot of things can happen. But right now, it kicked off as the most expensive regular season ticket in NFL history.


CHARLES ROBINSON: Seeing Tom Brady go back to New England, and oh by the way, I enjoy that they said, no we'll send him, back let's just make sure, let's not make it too cold.

LIZ LOZA: It's only Week Four.

CHARLES ROBINSON: Yeah, it's only Week Four. They're like, yeah you know what it'll be a nice autumn game like, you know. We don't have to worry about some slop like he's-- we're going to see the best. You know, you still see teams even in cold weather cities playing really good football in October. And I mean, to me that's the game that, it is because there are so many different things that are going to be written about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and so much that developed last year about the crossroads of these two guys.

And by the way, I also think it's early enough in the schedule that maybe you can kind of set the mold for the remainder of the season for both of those guys. And Tom goes-- say Tom goes in and blows out the Patriots. You know, people say he doesn't want to prove anything or whatever and Tom's-- Tom's still Tom. He's still the guy who remembers all the quarterbacks drafted in front of him. He still has that New England DNA in him, that was instilled by Bill Belichick, of remembering every little tiny slight.

I think Tom blows out the Patriots. Ooh. Let's see what Tampa does the rest of the year. But, conversely, imagine if Bill gets this little measure of revenge with, I don't know what if Mac Jones is the starter at that point? Our heads will explode.