Bubba Watson takes absurd, aggressive tee shot aimed at wrong fairway

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/pga/players/4713/" data-ylk="slk:Bubba Watson">Bubba Watson</a> took a shot on Sunday that only he would dare to attempt. (Stan Badz/Getty/file)
Bubba Watson took a shot on Sunday that only he would dare to attempt. (Stan Badz/Getty/file)

Bubba Watson was apparently bored at the final round of Sunday’s Zozo championship in Japan as he faced a finish outside of the top 50.

So he decided to spice things up at the No. 6 tee box, taking a line that was absurdly aggressive, even by Watson’s bold standards.

Facing a hard dogleg right on the par 5, Watson decided to skip the traditional route and take aim straight for the green. This involved lining up his tee shot about 90 degrees to the right of the normal path off the tee toward a fairway two holes over from the one he was playing.

Sound crazy? Well, yeah, kinda. But that’s Bubba.

Video explains Watson’s bizarre approach

And the video below — watch all the way through — demonstrates the method to his madness. Combining his unique vision and talent to shape a shot, Watson sent his ball through a gap in tree line over one fairway, then over the top of another fairway to land his ball considerably closer to the green than possible taking a traditional path.

How did Watson finish?

Granted, his ball landed on the wrong fairway. But it’s a legal shot, and Watson made the most of the rules in this situation. At least on his tee shot. Despite the remarkable first shot, Watson managed to just score a par on the hole en route to a 51st-place finish.

But he got paid more than $20,000 for his performance and walked away with one of the wildest golf shots ever recorded. Not a bad weekend at the office.

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